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Who is gestalt therapy for?

Gestalt therapy has been successfully used to treat a wide array of issues from anxiety, depression and bereavement to personality disorders, trauma and relationship problems. The best candidates for gestalt therapy are those who are interested in working on their self-awareness.

There is still a stigma about needing psychotherapy. It is seen by many as something which is only for people with serious mental problems or people who are took weak to sort out their own life. I really believe nothing could be further from the truth. At one time I also had these views, but now I see having a good relationship with a therapist as a fantastic support. While therapy may primarily be used by people who are going through hard times or working on some specific trauma or issue, gestalt therapy is a wonderful vehicle for ongoing self-exploration, expanding one's horizon of possibilities - what I call "becoming." Schopenhauer gave us the metaphor of life being like a bubble. Of course it won't last but doesn't it make sense to blow out that soap-bubble as long as possible." I feel this way about gestalt therapy and am continually finding new edges where there is room for growth.

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